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or "I said whaaaaat?"

Two O's and an A. In that order.
22 March 1973
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This is a mini-journal of the happenings and occurrences in my life, which, by the way, is a pretty good one. Sometimes, I just use it to talk about stuff I'm into at the moment. So there's that.

(December 2006) A new development: I work in a place that has just banned me from posting on my journal, commenting on other people's journals, or reading any friend's only posts, so I'm pretty much turned into a lurker unless I'm able to access it later at home. It's taken the "Live" out of my own Live Journal for now...which sucks, but it doesn't mean I'm not reading.

Oh, and one last thing. [Nitpick] Although I occasionally post a random meme, I take pride in providing a mostly meme-free environment here. Quizilla, to me, is a form of evil, because it loads lots of spyware into your computer, and makes observations about your existence that are pretty vague generalizations about your life. Cute, perhaps. Necessary, no. I'm much more interested in finding out about you through your writing and sharing than some random generated quiz. So if you friend me, but load up your journal with lots of memes, chances are I might read you from time to time, but probably won't friend you back. Nothing personal. [/Nitpick]

Oh, and if you want to e-mail me, use bigreddee at livejournal dot com. I used to put my actual forwarding address above, but the Spam Demons got ahold of it and now I spend half my day cleaning out my inbox with offers of lower mortgage rates and little blue diamond-shaped pills, neither of which I need (yet). ;)

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