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It's been far too long since I posted, but after hearing that Tom Harris, (aka "LaBretbear" and known as bratbear around these parts), passed away last night, I couldn't not say something.

I first met Tom at the first Hairrison, back in 2004, where he volunteered to take on one security shift that ended up turning into about 4 shifts. He did it because there was a need at the time, and (as he told me at the time) "he liked the power". :) He helped me so much that weekend, gave as good a hug as he got, and we'd been Live Journal buddies since.

Tom was an astoundingly sweet man, with a biting wit (you wouldn't want to get on his bad side!), and a giving heart. My best memories of him randomly showing up somewhere he knew I'd be (at birthday or a bar I'd mention I was going to that night), with a cigar he wanted me to try (he got me hooked on CAO's brand of Vanilla Honey cigars among others), a Lush bath bomb he thought I'd like (I always did), and, in keeping with one of his greatest passions (Disney), once brought me back a pink Disney princess name tag with my name on it. He was a giver, and never expected anything in return, other than a simple thank you or whether or not you liked it (he seemed to know my tastes better than I did). The last couple of times we saw each other, we had lunch downtown, where he was working for FedEx and liking it. He encouraged me to get back to writing in this blog, and I told him I would...I just needed to have something worth saying. I'm only sorry this is the first thing I've written in some time. While Tom wasn't someone I could say I knew well, it's a tremendous loss.

R.I.P. Tom. My thoughts are with you and your family.
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