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Settling In

It's been over a month since we moved into the new place, and it's coming together little by little. We actually did the lion's share of unpacking within the first week and a half, but there are a few errant boxes around. Fortunately, those boxes are all in the garage and in the guest room, so they're not cluttering up the house. Un-fortunately, we have reached a bit of critical mass in the space we have to store these things, at least until I can get some more durable bins to organize it all a bit better. Still, it's coming along. The holidays have caused us to slow things down a bit as far as needing Every. Little. Thing. to be in its' place. The house is bigger in some ways (the kitchen, the backyard) and smaller (the living room, the bathroom, our bedroom), but we've settled in quite nicely I think. I honestly don't miss the old house at all.

I posted a few pictures of it here, though some are pictures of how it used to be decorated. I'm still not ready to do a "staged" presentation of it all, because there's so much that needs to be done, from little things like finding the right pictures to put on the walls, to the big stuff, like the reinforcement of the deck so we can have lots of people over (as opposed to very intimate gatherings now) and adding on the 2nd bathroom. But it's coming along. The big projects will start to get our attention after the holidays, as early as January if the weather permits. Due to the deck not being as reinforced as it needs to be, any housewarming parties are currently unscheduled. Personally, I was kind of thinking that we should have multiple housewarming parties, because a) our house is small (though the backyard can hold more people) and b) who doesn't like a party? Why limit it to one?

Recently, we've decided we need to insulate the garage a bit more than now, because our floors (and thus, the house) get pretty cold. We've already made several fires in our little wood fireplace, which I am still not 100% sold on. I do love a good fire, and it's very romantic and cute, but it's also a bit too in the room, and so we've lost a little space in our living area because of it. Still, it's better than not having a fireplace (because, like I said, the house gets a little cold)! We even had boyshapedbox overnight last weekend to sleep in our guest room. It's a little cluttered with all the boxes, but I made it as cosy as possible, the futon set up with blankets, and he didn't seem to mind. It's difficult to really work on that room right now, because one of the big projects in 2010 will be to expand it and add on a 2nd bathroom down there. We're not sure if our roommate will move down to that room when it's completed (he has moved into the 2nd bedroom upstairs near us), but either way, because the room will be unsettled with construction, it's kind of hard to get the room truly settled. So for now, it's become another storage space.

Anyway, I felt like I should check in a little bit. I do miss posting but life's been so scattered and hectic lately that I just haven't been feeling like settling down and doing it.
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