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A new view.

So, since I've moved in with Fred, I've seen something that I haven't seen in the five years I've lived here. Namely, a view.

When I first moved here, for about a week and a half, I had a semi-view facing downtown and Noe Valley (for those who know...I have no picture for context). Then the Drex and I moved downstairs in the same building, where I had the lovely view of...a gray brick wall. I often would fantasize about projecting a mural or an ongoing silent film on it, but I had neither the technology or the know how (not to mention the silent film library) to do so.

After two years of purgatory living there, my roomie Frank and I moved south of Market, where our 3rd story view was buildings. Tall, grey buildings. Very little character, often gloomy, with stifling echoes of firetrucks filling the ambience. We almost made it 2 years there (I looked, but don't have any photographs to show...use your imagination to visualize gray ugly buildings (ok, so some of the lighting at night was pretty, but then the screams of crazy people outside was deafening.

Now, we live here, in Glen Park, quiet, suburban, beautiful. This is my living room window view, taken Wednesday morning.

Wow, right? So you can see another reason I love living here.

And this lovely Folsom morning, I wake up to this:

When it's foggy out here, you usually can't see past the trees at all. But on Folsom St. weekend, we get notoriously beautiful weather. This small fog bank (the way the horizon splits) bodes well for the day.

Off to figure out what dead cow I'll be wearing today. Hope to see many of you there. And for those who can't make it, stay at home and wear something. It's the spirit of the thing.
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